• Q: What is Susenji Gold Gel?A: A fast and efficient way to get slimmer toned legs. It does not sting/burn your skin.

    IDR 660,000
  • THIS PROMOTION AVAILABLE UNTIL 18 AUGUST 2020 You can mix between mofa or gold, or all mofa, or all gold up to you! mofa is for you who have troubled in digestion, gold is for cellulite and fat burning.

    IDR 1,270,000
  • 1 box = 20sachets What is Susenji Drink Orange Mofa? - Susenji Drink Orange Mofa is an all natural, no side effects, orange-flavoured and essential healthy diet supplement drink for the modern day person. It combines various types of natural fruit fiber and prebiotics, which include fresh orange powder, psyllium husk, apple fiber, prebiotics...

    IDR 660,000